Reprographic Services

Digital document management, small format copying, archiving, on site services, equipment leasing, remote printing, and sustainable reprography.

Plan & Print Systems provides a wide range of services for architects, engineers, contractors, design professionals, and document managers. From software files or originals, we can produce your documents on a wide variety of output media in virtually any size, delivering you flexibility and cost control.

Services Include

Digital Document Management

Realize faster information sharing with quick digital access to viewable and downloadable documents using ARC technology.

Large-Format Digital Printing and CAD Plotting Services

Send files digitally and get high-quality prints from us. Archive, access and transmit them 24 hours a day, from anywhere!

Small-Format Black and White Copying and Digital Output

Get small-format black and white reproductions, specs, proposals and booklets of any size, format, or complexity printed to your specifications.

Archiving and Vectorization

We can scan, index, organize and archive your drawings onto CDs. We can also vectorize your hard-copy drawings into alterable CAD format.

Color Services

Color prints from CAD files, color laser copies, digital prints up to 11″ x 17″, large-format inkjet or photo-quality color prints, color enlargements and reductions, color calibration and profiling all expertly handled.

On Site Services

Get cost-per-copy efficiency with a customized print center in your office. Eliminate the expense and hassle of owning or leasing equipment.

Cloud Printing

Save time, resources, and shipping expense by using our print network to send digital files near your job’s destination for local printing.

“I really enjoy Plan and Print’s high level of service, especially their on-time deliveries.”

-Mike Flannery
The Pike Company

“The distribution of the bid documents to the prospective bidders saved my company time and money, because Plan and Print Systems does everything needed to print, transmit, receive and send back deposits, and to create a bid register, as well as other services, including online access to all the bid documents. I recommend Plan and Print Systems to all looking for a quality dependable company when it comes to reproduction and document distribution.”

Michael F. Jordan
LeChase Construction Services

Someone should tell the boss how predictable Plan & Print’s customer service is.
Every request is addressed immediately and thoroughly and without the need for follow-up.”

Richard K. Beerle, RA
Senior Project Coordinator | SUCF