CAD Conversion

Paper to .dwg/.dgn – CAD Perfect Files

Why Convert?
  • Easy editing for modifications and alterations.
  • Easy storage and retrieval.
  • Easy handling due to reduced file size.
  • No more threat to drawings by fire, theft, mishandling and environmental degradation.
Cost Saving
  • There is significant savings due to reduced storage space requirements.
  • No more costly scanning or manual changes.
Excellent Presentation
  • Remodeling becomes easy in digital space.
  • Presentation is superb with all similar elements organized into layers with color coding.
  • Entities can be easily represented as symbols, blocks and can also be linked to databases.
Affordable and Fast
  • Value for money – very affordable rates.
  • Delivery in 48 hours – 24 hours for your rush jobs.
  • Conversion to various formats like AutoCAD, Microstation, dxf, etc.
CAD Convert:
  • Maps
  • AS Builds
  • Electrical
  • Process Diagrams
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
  • 60% – 80% Cost Savings
  • Dimensionally Accurate
  • Wide Range of file formats
“Having been in business for over 137 years, King & King Architects strives to team with service providers who have the same culture and philosophy that we do in running our business. Working with Plan and Print Systems for our own and our clients’ large size and volume printing needs has not only been very cost-effective, but has also provided us excellent service.They treat us with the same level of professionalism that we pride ourselves in providing to our clients. There is always someone who is available to speak with my staff whenever we have a question or need assistance. They are forthright, accurate, and are willing to do whatever it will take to meet deadlines and fulfill our needs. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Plan and Print Systems for your large size and volume reprographic needs!”

Kirk Narburgh , AIA, ASLA
King & King Architects, LLP