Building Condition Survey

Convert your paper documents to digital files! We digitize all types of documents: bound books, maps, illustrations, drawings and more.

The Building Condition Survey (BCS) must be completed this year. The digital archiving process is a way to preserve and efficiently access your blueprints and construction documents. These are essential for building repair, maintenance, redesign, renovation, and for police and fire safety. Paper documents will deteriorate over time and are difficult to keep organized. We can rescue the blueprints that are already crumbling and will sort them, remove duplicates and scan only the relevant documents.

“I really enjoy Plan and Print’s high level of service, especially their on-time deliveries.”

-Mike Flannery
The Pike Company

Someone should tell the boss how predictable Plan & Print’s customer service is.
Every request is addressed immediately and thoroughly and without the need for follow-up.”

Richard K. Beerle, RA
Senior Project Coordinator | SUCF