Bidding Management

Speed up the bid process and ensure you have the best sub-contractors for each element of the job with PlanWell Enterprise. You can manage bids through a single on-line source to ensure consistency of information, simplify communication with bidders, provide a secure location for bid information, prequalify contractors with specific project needs, and more. PlanWells ensures you have the best contractor for the project and gets the project moving faster.

Simplified Bidding

  • Fast, secure bid invitations
  • Secure addenda broadcasting
  • Timely, consistent communication
  • Robust tracking, management

As a general contractor, you need a way to manage the entire bid process quickly and easily so you can focus on completing the project. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort trying to compare different bid submissions and hope you selected the right sub-contractor for the job. You want to know you’ve got it right with the data to back it up. PlanWell gives you all of that and more.

Better Bidding Means Saving Time, Money

PlanWell gives you a central resource for all bidding information, providing a way to store sub-contractor information, consistently communicate with potential subs, and track the bidding process from start to finish.

PlanWell simplifies the bidding process by letting you:

  • Manage the entire bid process through one consistent application
  • Securely invite multiple bidders to view an online document set and conduct a competitive bid
  • Customize bid response documents to meet the details of the project and the needs of the project owner
  • Easily match bidders based on contractor profiles and project specifications
  • Communicate consistently with bidders to answer questions, provide clarifications, and award bids
  • Track bidder history with a robust audit trail
  • Set time releases on sealed bids so they can only be viewed after a specified date

Complete Bid Management

The bidding tools in PlanWell puts you in full control of the bid process. These features also make it easier to get the next bid moving by storing information from previous jobs. All of this is designed to save you time and effort, which translates into saving money.

Contact us to start taking advantage of the bid management features in PlanWell.