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HP DesignJet Technical Printers For Sale from Plan and Print

HP DesignJet T Series

With design that performs and technology that stands out, the world’s easiest large-format plotters fit the way you live and work. Print multi-size projects automatically. Avoid waiting with high-speed printing as fast as 26 sec per A1/D plot.

Designed to fit the way you live, this plotter provides design that performs, in technology that stands out in the first net carbon neural HP DesignJet plotter. Bring your master plan to life in moments and multitask with ease. Print multi-sized A3/B, A1/D, or A0/E, without manual intervention to switch the media source.

Designed to fit your office, budget, and the way you work, the world's smallest plotters provide outstanding simplicity. Send multiple files in just one click. Print your A1/D plot as fast as 35 seconds. Easily and affordably print maps, technical drawings, posters, and renders with precise, accurate line quality and crisp text with the world's smallest wide format printer. 

Print easily and affordably with the world’s smallest plotters. Extreme simplicity helps you save time and print with confidence. Use up to 95% less ink for routine maintenance. Save time from job prep to final print and be more productive. Avoid waiting by the printer with high-speed printing as fast as 30 seconds per A1/D plot.

Available in 24 and 36in, the HP DesignJet T630 Pinter includes a built-in stand and is designed to fit your office, budget, and the way you work. Print multi-size projects automatically. Avoid waiting with high-speed printing as fast as 26 seconds per A1/D plot.

With the extreme simplicity of the HP DesignJet T650 Series, Print multi-size A3/B and A0/E projects automatically, without manually switching the media source.Save time with the world's easiest job submission—send multiple files in one click. Print with confidence you'll get the results you expect with an intuitive driver and true print preview.

Enjoy easy installation into the office or job site with the most compact large-format MFP. Intuitive, convenient print/scan/copy and HP DesignJet print quality help you communicate effectively and move the project forward.

Fast, agile, and intuitive print/scan/copy facilitates convenient and trusted communication. Easily print project sets and PDF documents, even from a smartphone or tablet, with integrated printing software. Use built-in scanner to copy and distribute sketches and hand-annotated drawings to peers/partners right away, and choose from 130- and 300-ml ink cartridges to fit your print volume.

With radically simple solutions and the easiest PDF printing, it's easy to get great results every time. Meet deadlines with the fastest print speed in the most compact, quiet printer. The HP DesignJet T1600 Series MFPs showcase design versatility from precise line drafts to boldly colored 3D renders with speeds up to 180 D/hr and a 100 page integrated stacker.

Create highly efficient teams with the HP DesignJet T2600 Series. The 15.6" interface empowers users with easy PDF printing and easily accessible folders for printing and scanning. Mobile integration and automatic print stacking, plus best of class network protection, make these plotters the key to productivity.

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